Basic Pro
Price per year $49 / year $79 / year
Concurent tasks
Number of tasks running at the same time
10 tasks 100 tasks
Minimal period between jobs
How often the jobs can be triggered
5 minutes 1 minute
Log length per 1 job
Text over this limit will be stripped
5,000 characters 10,000 characters
Request timeout
How long will Cronfig wait for response
30 seconds 4 minutes
Error count in one row
Tasks will be automatically stopped if the response won't be successful for some time
50 errors 100 errors

Order process

There isn't any direct payment method thanks to ridiculously complicated EU VAT MOSS law. Please fill in the form below. We'll compose the invoice based on provided information with the right tax rate based on your country and tax ID. Proforma invoice will be sent with payment details to your email address. Since this process is manual, it may take 1-2 working days. Current payment methods are PayPal and bank transfer.